Update FMP: New Mechanic

Question markQuestion mark interacted

I have added in a new mechanic called the “hint/help marker”, this marker was put in so I could talk to the player to give them hints, help, a bit of meaning to the level or a combination of the three.

I wanted to add this in, because I thought the player would be confused on what to do. I know them being confused is what makes a puzzle game interesting, but if they are too confused, then they may get bored or frustrated, which is what I don’t want.


How I made it

The way I made this mechanic was going through this tutorial: Video link.

The tutorial helped me to create the text to show, how to change the text, how to get it to trigger and how to close it when an area is exited.

It didn’t teach me the following, which I included myself:

  • Manual close – Closes on manual input.
  • Manual open – Allows the player to chose whether to open it.
  • Allow close while in trigger area – Allows the player to close it, even when in the box collision.

It took some time adding this in, but in the end it was worth it, here are my results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Even though this took me some time, I am happy with what I produced, because I can now make slightly more complex puzzles, with less of a risk, if I include a hint/help marker, which would guide them slightly.


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