Update FMP: New Mechanic

The new mechanic in question here is a crouch look down mechanic (left image above). This mechanic is a simplistic and common add-on to the controller (code for mechanic is on the right).

The crouch look down mechanic allows the player to look below them by holding down a key, which is the down key or the S key in this situation. This gives the player an advantage by allowing them to see what is below them.

This mechanic does have some disadvantages, which is:

  • Player can get frustrated – If the player accidentally hit the crouch key, they could get cheap-shoot by an enemy that they were keeping their eye on.


  • More code/scripting for ladders and other mechanics requiring the down key – By including a crouch mechanic, the amount of code needed to add in another mechanic like climbing ladders can. This is because, you will need a way to switch between modes and use that to tell the game what to do and what not to do.


The reason I added this in was because I wanted the player to be able see where the switch was below them in certain areas, but I didn’t want the switch in the same position, because I wanted the player to utilize the shoot at mouse location controller mechanic I implemented, by shooting at angle shots.



I am happy with the new mechanic I implemented, because it has allowed me to do something I wanted to do, which was certain areas, which allow the player to see the puzzle, so they can solve it; Meaning a memory and precision puzzle.

I will try not to waste this mechanic and use it to its fullest potential.


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