Update: Unreal Tournament Map

I have chosen to do the DM-ArcaneTemple map and will start work on it after I have completed my research, mood boards and mind maps. This will be the first part I will be working on:

AcraneTemple underwater passage

There is more on the surface.

The map is on a deathmatch mode and starts off symmetrical with the outside of it being identical and the entrances being the same.

The map uses some outside scenery to immerse the player into the map. The scenery is made even better with the holes in some of the ceiling, so you can see the outside, which makes the maps feel like they are experiencing the map and time goes pass them:

AcraneTemple scenery.png

Something else  that is special about this, is the sky is animated; the clouds move in real time. That may not sound special, but since it came out in 1999, it is very special.

The amount of paths the player can start with is 2. There are so many paths in this map that it is hard to count.

Lets start with the first entrance, which is on the land.

The first path is linear, but after a few seconds, you’ll come to a split path. The path straight forward is a trap, sort of. By entering this you will drop down into the second area entrance. The other path enters you into a massive room:

AcraneTemple hallway.png

In this room you have multiple paths, the first is the way back, the second is forward and the other two are by the sides. The paths on the sides are identical, with a spiral staircase to the top. The path forward will bring you to this room:

AcraneTemple tripple staircase.png

If you follow this all the way up and follow the path, it will put you in the middle of the map, which should look like this:

AcraneTemple Map middle

The side paths also connect to this area.

From seeing all this, we can tell the developers are trying to lure the player towards the middle. On a bonus note, the most loot is found in this area, which again leads the player towards the middle. This is good, because bu luring the player to the middle, most matches won’t last as long and be played if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, for example.

Within this level there are three teleporters, 1 in each team base and one at the triple bridge area, which again lures the player towards the middle.


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