Update: Unreal Tournament Nature Map Mood Board

tournamix map moodboard 2 Nature.png

The nature map was one of the maps I decided I wanted to do, but it wasn’t the one I really wanted to do.

In the mood board above, you can see the following:

  • Sunshine and Sunflowers
  • Insects
  • Tress with vines
  • Wild animals
  • Desert
  • Weather


The reason I added these in is because, this is what I see in nature (There is life and death as well, but it maybe too much).

The sunshine is the weather typically shown to symbolise nature, the flowers come along with it, insects are annoying, but you can’t have nature with them, animals are the same, but nature needs one or the other  to make the scenery feel real, weather gives the atmosphere the feeling of change and the desert is a type of land that I think resembles nature more than other lands, except possibly snow, but it is a close call in my opinion.


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