Update: Unreal Tournament Ruins Map Mood Board

tournamix map moodboard 3 Ruins.png

The mood board above is of ruins. The images used was showing that ruins are dirty and ancient.

The following images can be seen above:

  • Cracked stone
  • Mossy stone
  • Dirty and old floor
  • Rats
  • Ruin temple


I chose the cracked rock, mossy stone and dirty and old floor because, it fits the inertia of the average ruin, the rats were chosen, because a ruin would  contain some type of rodent, normally in large amounts, but sometimes small.

Finally we come to the ruin temple, I chose this because, every ruin is some type of stone building that has decay, been destroyed or has collapsed. The reason this is important to know is because, if I am going to recreate a ruin, I need to what one looks like.


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