Update: Texture Practice

Today I have been learning about multiple ways to produce textures in PhotoShop from someone else. Here they are:


These were both using the same hoodie, but turned out with different results.

Tom make this, we created simple patterns using a few tricks in PhotoShop and then defining them as a pattern. After than we opened an A4 document, imported an image and then selected only the image.

With the hoodie selected, I created a new layer, filled it in with a colour (makes the blanks spaces this colour) and added in a pattern overlay using the effects options. The hoodie layer mode was then set to multify. After than it was done.

From this I have learnt some things, but some others I already knewed. The fings I learnt were the following:

  • Layer modes change the layer look massively (only paid attention to it today)


  • Some tricks on how to make a pattern quickly, for example: Offset


  •  That you can apply patterns to a hole object by selecting it.


This practice was useful, but not useful at the moment.


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