Update: Game V2.0.0

Posts references:

Menu Updated V2

Update: Graphics and Animation

New mode: Endless Mode



  • Large amount of new graphics added
  • Guard bugs fixed and now working
  • HiScore added (uses .ini files)
  • 2 new animations added
  • UI updated
  • New mode added
  • new object added
  • Some graphics redesigned
  • Menu updated
  • Menu options added (endless mode)
  • Level 1 finished fully
  • More lore added
  • Guard AI is more advanced
  • General bug and glitch fixes

This is the final update of this project and it is a big one. I am haven’t updated you much, because I was working on the game as much as I could and have been thinking of creating a story, which would explain what happened before all of this. The story however, wouldn’t be adults only. The past of this game is dark, very dark. I could however, make it into a child friendly game. Basically the games would show the light side of the story and what is happening, but the story would explore the dark and rather scary side, unless criminals don’t scare you, you’d be braver than me lol.

The journey stops here, but it maybe revived in the future.


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