Update: Graphics and Animation

The graphics been increased with a few extra animations.

For the graphics I have altered a few of the background graphics, so the rat would look more like they were running through the gap and not a block, which they were.

The graphics and animations for objects I added are:

  • Key – A small golden key, with a shining animation, that applies every 4 seconds.
  • Guard walking – The guard now has a walking animation.


Tile-map graphics added:

  • Cracked walls – Walls with cracks in
  • Chalk – Chalk on walls that resemble a tally counting
  • Lanterns – A lantern that glows green light, one big and one small, only small used in game.
  • Posters of leader – There have been a small and large poster of the leader Raifu added into the game. The large poster also has message.
  • Crates – Crates have been added and redesigned to look more like crates.


Here are some screenshots of the game with the new graphics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The UI now also shows keys collected with the icon and not a number. This is literally just for visuals and has no extra functionalities in the game.


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