Concept FMP: New level designs

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While I have been working on my project, I have also been creating designs for levels. Some of the designs I have done hasn’t been implemented into the game and that was by choice and not accidental. I may include these designs into my game, but like the last one, it is not guaranteed to be added in. The reason I am not adding some of the level designs in is because, if I added in every design I had in my head, then the game would be either to fast, too slow or just confusing. I do need to be careful about what levels I don’t include though.



I am happy with the designs I came up with and am looking forward to implementing some into the game. I am going to keep testing every level, so that I know there is no exploits or none detectable, the levels are fun, the levels difficulty doesn’t go backwards and doesn’t spike up, unless I think it is necessary to do so, like adding in a mechanic, I will need to go back a few steps.


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